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then both men ran oust. the berk employ police -- berkeley police arrived ann as the robbers were running out. police chased one suspect. >> due to the serious nature of the crime we called in our barricaded subject team, our s.w.a.t. team, along with the alameda county sheriff's office, and we were able to locate that suspect behind a building. reporter: the young man was taken into custody without incident. >> a second suspect is still outstanding. reporter: bought wounded blow employees are said they will survive but will needle cat operations. they're asking the community to come by and show support. and police are asking for anyone with information on the suspect to give them a call. live in berkeley, abc7 news. >> carolyn: tonight
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investigators are looking into the cause of a fire that damaged a technology company in the south bay. [shouting] >> carolyn: you can see the flames ripping through the building in sunnyvale. firefighters had to cut their way into offices and break down doors to gain interim it took over an hour to put the fire out. several offices were damaged. the thick black smoke could be seen for miles. >> a considerable fire. one thing that made this more significant is that the fire did vent through the roof of the building, and that allows a lot of the flame and smoke to exit. >> fire crews say the business was closed at the time. no one was inside. >> carolyn: an investigation is underway after police in the north bay shot and killed a man. it happened around 10:00 lastneath in the napa
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county city of american canyon. police say they tried to pull over the driver of a white pickup truck, but the man sped off, leading them on a short chase. the pursuit ended with gunfire. the driver died at the scene. investigators are not saying why officers shot him. a major crimes task force made up of several napa county police agents is conducting the investigation. this is the sixth deadly officer-involved shooting in the bay area this month alone. on march 1st, officers shot and killed an attempted kidnapping suspect. there were three fatal officer-involved shootings on march 2nd in san francisco, san jose, and union city, and one occurred the next day, involving hayward police. >> right through a few dozen people are without power no san francisco. a small explosion took out a pg&e line this morning. nearly 3700 people were without
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power. it's been mostly restored. pg&e says there are 76 people remain without power at this time. shopkeepers said it slowed down the usually brisk saturday business. >> like a bomb, and then the light went off. usually we have a lot of people come by, buy eggs, break fast, and then we serve coffee until the coffee is gone. >> pg&e is still not sure what caused the outage. the downed line forced muni to switch to gas-powerrerred buss in the area. they were cleaning up today in oakland after poeters vandalized five banks on franklin avenue last night, and also shattered a large window at the tribune tower. the damage was caused during what organizers called a march against capitalism and police
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resuppression. -- repression. police say no one was arrested and there were no injuries. >> family and friends of sierra lamar are gathering to mark the one-year anniversary of the 15-year-old's disappearance. she vanished on her way to school last march 16th. today hundreds gather editor a balloon launch in her memory. after the tribute, many headed out to conduct a search. every saturday 40 volunteers continue to look for sierra, refusing to give up hope. >> it's hard, like, you can't really do anything about it. and the only thing you can do is pray and hope that they find her, and that we find her somehow. >> carolyn: a man is charged with kidnapping and murdering sierra. her body has never been found. he is scheduled to enter a plea on april 4th. tonight at 6:00, her family's resolve. hear from sierra's mother and her sister.
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in pennsylvania, a pregnant coach has been killed in the crash of a bus carrying the seton hill university women's lacrosse team. the driver was also killed when that bus ran off the pennsylvania turnpike, crashing into a tree. state police are investigating the cause of the crash, which also injured several of the 23 people onboard. that team was traveling across the state for a game. kentucky senator rand paul won the symbolic straw poll as the choice for president on the final day of the conservative political action conference near washington. this mostly republican-backed body, backed paul over florida senator marco rubio. notable speakers today include sarah palin, she roused the conservative base with entertaining entertaining and pointed commends momently aimed at president barack obama.
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>> president barack obama promised the most transparent administration ever. barack obama, you lie. >> carolyn: and later, palin took a swipe at new york's democratic mayor michael bloomberg. she is taking a few sips from a big gulp. his law banning oversize drinks was struck down by a jump there is week. the sound of music will not be heard tonight in san francisco. up next, yet another concert cancelled, and the latest on efforts to end the musician strike. >> my dog was in ireland. how ireland? >> a dog trz trip takes an unexpected detour. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. delightful saturday today. temperatures in the 70s, get ready for big weather changes. we'll look at
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>> carolyn: new at 5:00, activists in san francisco commemorate the anniversary of the syrian revolution with a rally in union square. the first protest in march 2011 challenged the dictatorship that ruled sarah for -- rule syria for years. one million syrians have fled the country. the san francisco chapter of the syrian-american council held today's demonstration. the san francisco symphony says quiet with musicians still
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on strike. tonight's concert is the third cancellation since musicians went on strike on wednesday. i you have tickets you can get a refund or exchange them. the musicians and symphony manage. negotiated over the past two days but have not come to a resolution. the musicians want more money. the status of sunday's can certain will be announced later tonight. up next, an airline mixup of major proportions. a dog ends up traveling 5,000 miles in the wrong direction. >> and a mix of sun and clouds today. more weather changes are coming our way. meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast after the break. now, here's david muir with a look at what is ahead on abc's "world news." >> tonight, breaking news. the deadly bus crash carrying a college team but we know about the worsening picture.
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the pope in his own words why he chose the name francis, and a girl scout troop left high and dry, stiffed with
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♪ >> carolyn: st.~patrick's day is tomorrow but the irish celebration is a weekend event in san francisco. the annual irish heritage parade down market street finished at the civic center plaza. the theme of this year's festival in san francisco is
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honoring celtic women. organizers claim the celebration is the largest in the country west of the mississippi. a free trip to ireland just in time for st.~patrick's day sounds like a lucky break, right? not if you are hendrix, a dog that found himself in an international mixup on united airlines he was supposed to be on a flight from new jersey to phoenix help ended up flying a full 24 hours, winding up in ireland. the dog got stuck. >> the dog got stuck in ireland? why ireland? not even florida. ireland. >> what do you say? hope we got some dinner. >> we don't know what hendrix ate but he seems okay now that he is back in arizona. united airlines says it's conducting a review of what happened and the company has offered the family a refund. i hope that satisfies them. let's get a check of the
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accuweather forecast by leigh glaser. i'm satisfied with what you have. >> leigh: it's going to be terrific. another great day tomorrow and then changes as we get into the middle part of next week. live doppler 7hd not picking up any moisture. we have clear sky and check out these temperatures. san francisco, 58. 66 san carlos. half moon bay, mid-60s right now. santa cruz, 62. another terrific shot for you. it's a lot of folks in a sea of green because of the st.~patrick's parade, walking on the embarcadero. plenty of sunshine. santa rosa, 73. 70, napa. livermore, 69. so here's a look at the forecast highlights. we'll bring a few clouds in overnight, get ready for just slightly cooler temperatures tomorrow, maybe two or three degrees. still going to be delightful and then get ready for thickening
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clouds and rain ones tuesday night and wednesday. you can see the high clouds venturing across the bay area off and on today, and we'll continue to see another batch swing in here this evening. so, we'll keep temperatures relatively mild in terms of overnight temperatures, maybe a little chilly in the north bay, santa rosa, 41. 49 overnight tonight in san francisco, as well as richmond, 46, livermore, 4 3. here's the setup. high pressure continuing to dominate. brought us a delightful day today. it will be with us really for two more days before it breaks down, but at least for tomorrow. we'll bring in sunshine, few high clouds. temperatures will drop just slightly tomorrow so pretty much tomorrow much like today, and you can see the leading edge of the cold front, and this will bring us the return of wet weather tuesday night. here's a look at the highs for sunday. 71, san jose.
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70, sunny sail. can he toast, upper 50s. palo alto near 70 tomorrow. mid-60 with a little high cloudiness for san francisco. north bay, more 70s for you. 71, petaluma, 73, novato. east bay, oakland, 68. 68 union city. high clouds streaming in. and east bay communities, concord, 73. folks, here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. irish eyes will be smiling tomorrow. so will the forecast. lots of sunshine. 70s inland. 60s sd near the bay. monday, thickening clouds. tuesday night, rain returns, and then on wednesday we'll look at the rain followed by afternoon showers. temperatures drop off a bit into the 60s and then we'll start to warm things back up and dry things out friday and saturday. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you. the latest bay area weather
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conditions, rain or shine, and great video forecasts, "spare the air" alerts, power out ongoing. it live doppler 7hd will be active tuesday night and wednesday. >> carolyn: i guess you're waiting for tomorrow to put on the green. >> i'm going to. >> carolyn: mike shumann is here now talking about this baseball deal. do we care? >> mike: four teams care. the world baseball classic comes to at&t park for the next three days without a team from the united states. united states. a's and angels battling inght tr problem...
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ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars
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switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> mike: down to the final four in the world baseball classic after team u.s.a. was knocked out. giants center fielder angel pagan rounding up team pakistan pakistan -- pakistan pakistan -- puerto rico. then santana rocking this monster to the left. then peña, singles to right, aybar scores. 2-0. francisco rodney slams the door shut. dominican beats putter -- putter -- puerto rico. so the september highs at at&t
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have pittsburgh -- puerto rico and japan. >> cactus leigh action. a preview of the a.l. west top dogs. bottom first. two men on, reddick unloads on weavers resident pitch. tied at three. then the backup catcher, the two-run homer, cespedes on the action. two-run blast. this one went down to the wire. bottom ninth. tied at 13. a's' ryan grounds into a double play with a runner in scoring position. this one ends in a 13-13 tie. a's lose. giantsed. against senate. >> and cal and st. mary's are on the bubble. st. mary's lost to gone sag --
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gonzaga and cal lost. albany, facing vermont's great dane. buries the big three. giving albany the lead. now 20 seconds to go. blue, the hoop and the foul. falls to the ground, missed the free-throw. vermont couldn't get anything to drop. albany wins the american east championship. their only third trip to the ncaa tournament in school history. southern miss and memphis in the conference u.s.a. championship. memphis is up two, then the missed free throw. then it guess to over time in o.t., memphis down two jackson hits the jumper. 12 seconds to play. tied at 72. go to a second overtime. that's where memphis takes over. jackson with the steal. tigers going to the big dance, 91-79 their final. >> tee it up. florida, tour in florida at the
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innsbruck copperhead course. beautiful day for golf in florida. sergio garcia showing off his short game. nothing but neat. three strokes off the lead. justin leonard on his game. birdie on 12. tied for the lead at 6-under with a 67. kevin streelman, 6-under 65, also at 6 under par, and it's a three-way tie for the lead. but 16 players separated by only three shots. and we'll see you again at 6:00. and news from the 49ers' camp. >> carolyn: look forward to that. thank you very much. even the president of the united states
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>> carolyn: at 6:00, problems for the u.s. cruise ship making a home in san francisco. the long lines and delays have passengers concerned. >> when you're the president you can play ball in the house. check it out. an official white house photo of president obama hurling a basketball in the oval office. the picture was taken in february. it's a tradition for mr. obama to hit the court every election day. the last time he skipped a game on election day he lost the 2008 new hampshire primary. that does for us
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this is "world news." tonight, breaking news, a deadly bus crash on the way to a game. what we've learned about the driver, the female coach, the victims. investigators are on the scene tonight. fire fears, the fires already raging four weeks before the season was supposed to start. it led to nightmares for towns. >> daddy. the images from the front lines tonight. hidden no more, undercover cameras revealing animal cruelty on what some factory farms. now kicked out, the new laws against them, protecting the animals or the farmers? they don't want the images out. brian ross investigates tonight. and the great girl scout cookie caper. a town overjoyed when they thought a company bought 6,000 boxes. it was a hoax. >> it makes me so sad because i i thought somebody really bought 6,000 cookies, but they didn't.
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>> but just wait, tonight we're in line with the entire town. good evening and thanks for joining us here on a saturday night. we begin with the deadly bus crash in central pennsylvania. a tour bus carrying the seton hill women's lacrosse team from greensburg to a game in lancaster. look at the images. the bus veered off the highway, and smashed into a tree, sheering off the whole front end of the bus. stretchers carrying away the victims. tonight we learned the driver and the coach have been killed, who we have learned was pregnant. the baby did not survive. abc's john leading us off. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a routine road trip for the women's lacrosse team of seton hill of pennsylvania.

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